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Vol 63, No 1 (2023) A Hydrodynamic Model of a Magnetized Jet Flow in the Magnetosphere
Onishchenko O.G., Feygin F.Z.
Vol 63, No 5 (2023) A Nonlinear Dependence on the Geomagnetic Activity of the Ratio of the Maximum Stream Flux of Charged Particles in a Geostationary Orbit to the Minimum Stream Flux
Smolin S.V.
Vol 63, No 1 (2023) A Plasma Pressure Plateau in the Night Sector of the Earth’s Magnetosphere and Its Stability
Kirpichev I.P., Antonova E.E.
Vol 63, No 1 (2023) Aeronomic and Dynamic Correction of the Global Model GTEC for Disturbed Conditions
Shubin V.N., Gulyaeva T.L., Deminov M.G.
Vol 63, No 4 (2023) Aerosol Layer of the Lower Thermosphere: I. Observation against the Earth’s Limb
Belyaev A.N., Nikolaishvili S.S., Omel’chenko A.N., Repin A.Y., Poluarshinov M.A., Smirnov Y.V., Strakhov A.V., Batishchev A.G., Stasevich V.I., Platov Y.V.
Vol 63, No 5 (2023) An Empirical Model for Estimating the Velocities and Delays of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections
Shlyk N.S., Belov A.V., Abunina M.A., Abunin A.A.
Vol 63, No 5 (2023) Atmospherics Associated with Sprites from Elf/Vlf Observations on the Kamchatka Pen
Malkin E.I., Kapustina O.V., Druzhin G.I.
Vol 63, No 3 (2023) Coastal Effect in the Horizontal Components of the Electric Field
Ismagilov V.S., Kopytenko Y.A., Petrishchev M.S., Sergushin P.A., Petlenko A.V.
Vol 63, No 2 (2023) Comparison of the Efficiency of Machine Learning Methods in Studying the Importance of Input Features in the Problem of Forecasting the Dst Geomagnetic Index
Vladimirov R.D., Shirokiy V.R., Myagkova I.N., Barinov O.G., Dolenko S.A.
Vol 63, No 2 (2023) Comparison of the Properties of a Statistical Functional from Measurements of the Magnetic Field in the Middle of the Russian Continental Platform and in a Seismically Active Region
Volvach A.E., Kogan L.P., Kanonidi K.H., Bubukin I.T., Boborykina O.V., Shtenberg V.B., Volvach L.N.
Vol 63, No 1 (2023) Co-rotating Solar Wind Disturbances in Radio Sounding Data and Local Measurements
Efimov A.I., Smirnov V.M., Chashei I.V., Nabatov A.S.
Vol 63, No 4 (2023) Dependence of the Annual Asymmetry Local Index for the NmF2 Median on Solar Activity
Deminov M.G., Deminova G.F.
Vol 63, No 1 (2023) Determination of the Position of the South Magnetic Pole According to the Data of the Russian around the World Expeditions: 1820 (Bellingshausen) and 2020 (Admiral Vladimirsky) Part 2. Expedition of the Admiral Vladimirsky
Merkuriev S.A., Boyarskikh B.G., Demina I.M., Ivanov S.A., Soldatov V.A.
Vol 63, No 5 (2023) Development of a Method for Recovery of the Energy Spectra of Precipitating Electrons from the Data of Measurements in the Atmosphere
Makhmutov V.S., Maurchev E.A., Bazilevskaya G.A., Mironova I.A.
Vol 63, No 1 (2023) Development of Forbush Decreases Associated with Coronal Ejections from Active Regions and non-Active Regions
Melkumyan A.A., Belov A.V., Abunina M.A., Shlyk N.S., Abunin A.A., Oleneva V.A., Yanke V.G.
Vol 63, No 3 (2023) Disturbances in the Magnetosphere and Ionosphere during Spotless Sun
Gulyaeva T.L.
Vol 63, No 4 (2023) Diurnal Variations of the Statistical Characteristics of NmF2 Variability According to Ground-Based Low Latitude Ionosondes in Geomagnetically Quiet Conditions at Low Solar Activity
Pavlov A.V., Pavlova N.M.
Vol 63, No 4 (2023) Effect of Earthquake Preparation on Changes in Meteorological Characteristics (Based on the Example of the 2003 Chuya Earthquake)
Shitov A.V., Pulinets S.A., Budnikov P.A.
Vol 63, No 3 (2023) Effectiveness of the Relative -Barbier Parameter in the Search for Ionospheric Precursors of Earthquakes
Pulinets S.A., Khegai V.V., Legen’ka A.D., Korsunova L.P.
Vol 63, No 2 (2023) Equatorial Plasma Bubble Occurrence Probability with Respect to Month of Year
Sidorova L.N.
Vol 63, No 4 (2023) Estimate of Lower Ionosphere Ionization during Solar Flares of the X Class According to VLF Observations
Ryakhovsky I.A., Poklad Y.V., Gavrilov B.G.
Vol 63, No 3 (2023) Estimation of the Average Values of the Wolf Numbers of Cycles of the Dalton Minimum Based on the Characteristics of Reliable Cycles of a Series
Shibaev I.G.
Vol 63, No 2 (2023) Evaluating the Effectiveness of Using Integral Daily Es Characteristics to Identify Short-Term Ionospheric Precursors of Strong Earthquakes
Korsunova L.P., Khegai V.V.
Vol 63, No 4 (2023) Features of Forecasting the Operation of Ionospheric Radio Lines in Upper Rays Modes
Krasheninnikov I.V., Shubin V.N.
Vol 63, No 3 (2023) Features of Polar Substorms: An Analysis of Individual Events
Kleimenova N.G., Gromova L.I., Despirak I.V., Malysheva L.M., Gromov S.V., Lyubchich A.A.
Vol 63, No 4 (2023) Features of Radio Signal Propagation in the VLF Range at High Latitudes during Solar Proton Events
Akhmetov O.I., Mingalev I.V., Mingalev O.V., Belakhovsky V.B., Suvorova Z.V.
Vol 63, No 2 (2023) Features of the Behavior of SE-Type Radiation during a Substorm
Kurazhkovskaya N.A., Kline B.I.
Vol 63, No 2 (2023) Fine Structures of Type-IV Solar Radio Bursts Associated with Stationary and Moving Sources
Fomichev V.V., Chernov G.P.
Vol 63, No 5 (2023) Forbush Decreases Associated with Coronal Holes, Coronal Ejections from Active Regions, and Filament Ejections: Comparison in Solar Cycles 23 and 24
Melkumyan A.A., Belov A.V., Abunina M.A., Shlyk N.S., Abunin A.A., Oleneva V.A., Yanke V.G.
Vol 63, No 4 (2023) Generation Model of a Spatially Limited Vortex in a Stratified Unstable Atmosphere
Onishchenko O.G., Artekha S.N., Feygin F.Z., Astafieva N.M.
Vol 63, No 4 (2023) Geoefficiency of Sporadic Phenomena in Solar Cycle 24
Belov A.V., Belova E.A., Shlyk N.S., Abunina M.A., Abunin A.A.
Vol 63, No 2 (2023) Global Ionospheric Response to Intense Variations of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity According to the Data of the GNSS Global Networks of Navigation Receivers
Pulinets M.S., Budnikov P.A., Pulinets S.A.
Vol 63, No 4 (2023) Hysteresis Phenomena in the Relationship between the Cosmic Ray Cutoff Rigidity and Parameters of the Magnetosphere during a Storm on May 15, 2005
Danilova O.A., Ptitsyna N.G., Tyasto M.I.
Vol 63, No 3 (2023) Influence of the Gleissberg Cycle on Variations of the 11-Year Cycle of Solar Activity in 1700–2021
Ptitsyna N.G., Demina I.M.
Vol 63, No 4 (2023) Isolated Solar Cosmic Ray Events Caused by Energetic Storm Particles (ESPs)
Bazilevskaya G.A., Daibog E.I., Logachev Y.I.
Vol 63, No 3 (2023) Large-Scale Disturbances of the Solar Wind According to Spacecraft Radio Transmission Data from the Mars Express and Local Measurements on the Wind Spacecraft
Efimov A.I., Smirnov V.M., Chashei I.V., Nabatov A.S.
Vol 63, No 5 (2023) Long-Term Microwave Observations of Middle Atmospheric Ozone in Apatity during Three Winters
Kulikov Y.Y., Andriyanov A.F., Demin V.I., Demkin V.M., Kirillov A.S., Ryskin V.G., Shishaev V.A.
Vol 63, No 2 (2023) Manifestation of Magnetic Flux Ropes in the Structure of Solar Prominences
Filippov B.P.
Vol 63, No 4 (2023) Nanoflash Distribution at the Solar Minimum
Bogachev S.A.
Vol 63, No 1 (2023) Observation of the Solar Eclipse on June 10, 2021 on the Water Vapor Radiometer of the Institute of Applied Astronomy, Russian Academy of Sciences
Il’in G.N., Bykov V.Y., Peterova N.G., Topchilo N.A.
Vol 63, No 2 (2023) Predicting the Functional Dependence of the Sunspot Number in the Solar Activity Cycle Based on Elman Artificial Neural Network
Krasheninnikov I.V., Chumakov S.O.
Vol 63, No 3 (2023) Prediction of Isolated Substorms by a Package of Parallel Neural Networks
Barkhatov N.A., Revunov S.E., Barkhatova O.M., Revunova E.A., Vorobjev V.G.
Vol 63, No 5 (2023) Preflare X-Ray Pulsations with Sources Outside the Main Flare Active Region
Zimovets I.V., Sharykin I.N., Kaltman T.I., Stupishin A.G., Nizamov B.A.
Vol 63, No 5 (2023) Properties of the Variability of the Maximum Density of the F2-Layer over Almaty at Different Levels of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity
Deminov M.G., Deminova G.F., Depuev V.K., Depueva A.K.
Vol 63, No 1 (2023) Quartz Devices and Magnetovariation Stations: The History of the Development and Application in Scientific Research (On the 95th Anniversary of V.N. Bobrov, a Legend of Quartz Magnetic Instrumentation from IZMIRAN) (A Review)
Lyubimov V.V.
Vol 63, No 3 (2023) Refined Spatio-Temporal Model of Accelerations of the Main Geomagnetic Field on the Earth’s Surface and Geomagnetic Jerks
Simonyan A.O., Ohanyan M.V.
Vol 63, No 4 (2023) Rotation of a Long-Lived Coronal Hole in Solar Cycle 24
Andreeva O.A., Malaschuk V.M.
Vol 63, No 3 (2023) Selection of the Solar-Diurnal Anisotropy of Cosmic Rays by Local and Global Methods
Belov A.V., Shlyk N.S., Abunin M.A., Abunin A.A., Oleneva V.A., Yanke V.G., Melkumyan A.A.
Vol 63, No 5 (2023) Statistical Analysis of the Critical Frequency foF2 Dependence on Various Solar Activity Indices
Danilov A.D., Berbeneva N.A.
Vol 63, No 4 (2023) Statistical Studies of Auroral Activity and Perturbations of the Geomagnetic Field at Middle Latitudes R.
Werner R., Guineva V., Despirak I.V., Lubchich A.A., Setsko P.V., Atanassov A., Bojilova R., Raykova L., Valev D.
Vol 63, No 1 (2023) The Coexistence of Orthogonal Current Structures and the Development of Different-Type Weibel Instabilities in Adjacent Regions of a Plasma Transition Layer with a Hot Electron Flow
Garasev M.A., Kocharovsky V.V., Nechaev A.A., Stepanov A.N., Kocharovsky V.V.
Vol 63, No 5 (2023) The Depths to Lithospheric Magnetic Sources under the Baltic Shield
Filippova A.I., Filippov S.V.
Vol 63, No 1 (2023) The Electronic Kinetics of Molecular Nitrogen and Molecular Oxygen in the Earth’s Middle Atmosphere during the GLE Events of Solar Cycle 23
Kirillov A.S., Belakhovskii V.B., Maurchev E.A., Balabin Y.V., Germanenko A.V., Gvozdevskii B.B.
Vol 63, No 5 (2023) The Flare Emission of the May 4, 2022 Event and Its Millimeter Component
Smirnova V.V., Tsap Y.T., Ryzhov V.S., Motorina G.G., Morgachev A.S., Bárta M.
Vol 63, No 5 (2023) The Influence of Corotating Regions of Interaction of the Solar Wind on Long-Term Variations in the Intensity of Galactic Cosmic Rays
Kalinin M.S., Krainev M.B., Luo S., Potgieter M.S.
Vol 63, No 1 (2023) The Possible Influence of Cosmic Rays on the Planetary Albedo of the Earth
Bogdanov M.B., Cherviakov M.Y., Koshel A.A.
Vol 63, No 1 (2023) The Response of the Airglow of the Mesopause Region to Short-Term Changes in Solar Activity
Perminov V.I., Pertsev N.N., Dalin P.A., Semenov V.A., Sukhodoev V.A., Medvedeva I.V., Zheleznov Y.A.
Vol 63, No 1 (2023) The Spatio-Temporal Features of Pc1 Structured Geomagnetic Pulsations
Klain B.I., Kurazhkovskaya N.A.
Vol 63, No 3 (2023) Thermal Regime of the Lithosphere under the Taimyr Peninsula According to Geomagnetic Data
Filippova A.I., Filippov S.V.
Vol 63, No 2 (2023) Trends in the Critical Frequency of the F2 Layer during the Recent Decade
Danilov A.D., Berbeneva N.A.
Vol 63, No 2 (2023) Wave Perturbations of the Lower and Upper Ionosphere during the 2019 Faxai Tropical Typhoon
Shalimov S.L., Zakharov V.I., Solov’eva M.S., Sigachev P.K., Nekrasova M.Y., Korkina G.M.
Vol 63, No 5 (2023) Анатолий Сергеевич Леонович (18.07.1957–22.04.2023)
Vol 63, No 3 (2023) Ветви резонансного ультранизкочастотного поглощения в магнитосфере Земли
Бадин В.
Vol 63, No 2 (2023) Влияние освещенности трасс на амплитудные характеристики сигналов СДВ-диапазона
Козакова Е., Ряховский И., Поклад Ю., Гаврилов Б., Ермак В., Ачкасов Н.
Vol 63, No 2 (2023) Зависимость локального индекса годовой асимметрии для NmF2 от местного времени и солнечной активности
Деминов М., Деминова Г.
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