On Some Regularities of Realization of Electrostatic Instability of Charged Surface of Liquid in Basin of Finite Dimensions

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Physical regularities of realization of electrostatic instability of flat charged surface of non-compressible viscous conducting liquid are considered, in pool of finite dimensions, where spectrum of emerging capillary waves is discrete. It has been shown that the critical conditions for the onset of electrostatic instability of an uncompressible viscous conductive liquid, in a basin of finite dimensions, coincide with those for a limitless surface of an infinitely deep ideal uncompressible liquid (coincide with the conditions for realizing Tonks–Frenkel instability). This allows the experimental verification of the criterion for realizing Tonks–Frenkel instability to use basins of finite dimensions, avoiding fundamental errors.

About the authors

A. I. Grigor’ev

Ishlinsky Institute for Problems in Mechanics RAS

Author for correspondence.
Email: s_myslov@mail.ru
Russia, Moscow

S. O. Shiryaeva

P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University

Author for correspondence.
Email: s_myslov@mail.ru
Russia, Yaroslavl

V. A. Koromyslov

Emperor Alexander the 1st Petersburg State Transport University, Yaroslavl branch

Author for correspondence.
Email: s_myslov@mail.ru
Russia, Yaroslavl


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