Towards Heat Transfer Critical Conditions for Flow of Fluids with a Nonmonotonic Dependence of Viscosity on the Temperature in Annular Channel

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The present work is devoted to mathematical modeling of the features of the flow of fluids with a nonmonotonic dependence of viscosity on temperature, which is inherent in some solutions and melts of polymers, as well as in a number of liquid metal alloys. For a given pressure drop, the critical conditions of heat transfer on the channel walls are found, which determine the fluid flow rate in the process of establishing a flow associated with the formation of a localized high-viscosity region.

About the authors

V. N. Kireev

Ufa University of Science and Technology

Author for correspondence.
Russia, Ufa

A. A. Mukhutdinova

Mavlutov Institute of Mechanics UFRC RAS

Author for correspondence.
Russia, Ufa

S. F. Urmancheev

Mavlutov Institute of Mechanics UFRC RAS

Author for correspondence.
Russia, Ufa


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Copyright (c) 2023 В.Н. Киреев, А.А. Мухутдинова, С.Ф. Урманчеев

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