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A periodical scientific publication, the journal " Formulas of Pharmacy "(hereinafter-the publication), for publishing the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of candidate of Sciences, for the degree of doctor of Sciences; presents high-quality, peer-reviewed research and interactive clinical content.

Our journal is focused on clinical pharmacologists, specialists of expert organizations, workers centers preclinical and clinical trials of medicinal products; employees of regulatory and Supervisory organizations and institutions in the field of pharmaceutical industry and Russian Ministry of health; researchers, medical and pharmaceutical workers of the organisations and institutions of the Ministry of health; experts of the scientific organizations of RAS and other researchers in the field of environmental security.

The topics of published materials are limited to two branches of science - medical and biological - and they correspond to groups of scientific specialties (03.02.00 General biology, 14.03.00 Biomedical sciences, 14.04.00 Pharmaceutical sciences) in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation dated October 23, 2017 No. 1027 "On the approval of the nomenclature of scientific specialties for which science degrees are awarded" and by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation of December 12, 2016 No. 1586 (revised March 27, 2018) "On the approval of the rules for forming the list of peer-reviewed scientific publications."

The publication complies with modern rules and requirements of domestic and foreign legislation for peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Journal strategy

When preparing each issue, members of the editorial Board intend to take into account modern requirements for the order of qualified review, information openness and bibliometric indicators in assessing the publication activity of authors, along with other factors of the journal.

To this end, the editorial team uses rigorous: editorial, expert, and statistical review processes to evaluate manuscripts for scientific accuracy, novelty, and importance; policies and practices that ensure that authors disclose all relevant financial associations and that such associations do not in any way affect the content published by the journal.

When developing the strategy and layout of the publication, we studied and analyzed the professional materials available to us from information resources of publishers and owners of bibliographic and abstract databases-leaders of international citation systems for relevant branches of science and groups of scientific specialties.

In the course of this work, three groups of scientific specialties were identified, which, in our opinion, made it possible to create a publication's rubricator and determine its name: "Pharmacy Formulas". At the same time, we took into account the definition of pharmacy as the entire life cycle of medicines, including the creation, preclinical and clinical research, production technology, organization of pharmaceutical business, as well as issues of control and analytical research, food and environmental safety. In turn, the word "formulas" means directions, trends, trends in the development of scientific and practical areas that make up pharmacy.

We believe that through our efforts, the journal will keep healthcare and pharmaceutical industry professionals at the forefront of medical and pharmaceutical knowledge, help them deepen their understanding of new areas of interest, and provide valuable insights into scientific and practical medical and pharmaceutical activities.

Authors and readers

To present the results of high-quality scientific research to the reader, we are ready to be responsible for preparing the manuscript to meet the requirements of the journal, quality review of manuscripts , preparing the article for publication, providing opportunities and scientific communications of the founders of the publication to promote the article.

The journal's website meets all the requirements of the international bibliographic database. Full electronic document flow for authors, reviewers, scientific and literary editors is carried out on our own platform.

To promote the article, authors will be able to use the personal website of the publication; assignment of the DOI identifier of the author's manuscript immediately after uploading to the site; unique author ID ORCID; professional social networks Google Scholar, ResearchGate; repositories; open electronic archives; bibliography management system; social media; registration of the scientist as a reviewer; assistance in preparing the use of media (materials for press releases, interviews).

The publishing house of the journal has direct channels for transmitting information to the RSCI and international databases: Scopus, Web of Science, PubMed, CNKI.

When developing all the tasks facing the members of the editorial Board and editorial Board of the journal "Formulas of Pharmacy", we share a common goal: to promote and actively participate in scientific communications on the declared groups of scientific specialties in the biomedical field and pharmacy, from the idea to the release of medicines to the consumer market and management of their waste and metabolites.

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Current Issue

Vol 4, No 4 (2022)

Pharmaceutical Sciences

On the conceptual project of an environmental management system at a pharmaceutical biotechnology enterprise
Perelygin V.V., Sakharov V.A.

In our opinion, the ability to prevent or avoid negative impact on the environment by pharmaceutical industry organizations in normal situations fully depends on the environmental management system of the quality management system of the production enterprise. During the work, according to the set goals and objectives, an analysis of the accounting and reporting documentation of pharmaceutical manufacturers was carried out based on environmental international and domestic regulatory acts and documents in the paradigm of sustainable development. We have proposed a Conceptual project of an environmental management system in the form of a block diagram of nature conservation documentation for category II hazardous waste facilities of pharmaceutical biotechnology enterprises. Individual documents and document templates were developed in such a way as to cover the most common accounting and reporting documents filled out by a pharmaceutical industry production enterprise based on principles of social responsibility in environmental protection. It is necessary to note the relevance of introducing and balancing non-financial and financial reporting in the quality management system of pharmaceutical production enterprises, taking into account their social responsibility and personnel work. The results obtained can be used in the quality management system of pharmaceutical industry organizations - drug manufacturing enterprises using biological and chemical technologies when implementing projects during the development of nature conservation documentation for environmental management system projects with the aim of developing a project for social responsibility and non-financial reporting, not just for public joint-stock companies.

Pharmacy Formulas. 2022;4(4):10-25
pages 10-25 views

Biomedical Sciences

Molecular mechanisms of cell functioning in norm and pathology
Tyukavin A.I., Suchkov S.V.

In our study, the following are modern information about the structural and functional organization of cell membranes, the internal apparatus, as well as the cell organelle. The features of the functioning of the structural and dynamic genome are shown, including the main epigenetic mechanisms of gene expression regulation. The cell pathology section describes the main pathological processes that occur in cells after reversible and irreversible damage. The mechanisms and signaling pathways of the phenomenon, markers of cellular aging are highlighted, as well as the significance of this phenomenon in normal and pathological conditions. The main mechanisms of hypoxic and free-radical necrobiosis are described. The mechanisms, signaling pathways, and significance for the norm and pathology of two types of programmed cell death, autophagy and apoptosis, are discussed in detail. The prospect of using fundamental knowledge about the molecular mechanisms of life activity to improve the treatment of the most urgent types of pathology is shown.

Pharmacy Formulas. 2022;4(4):26-40
pages 26-40 views

Biological sciences

Padevyj toxidrome bee, causes and prevention
Rozhkov K.A., Lunegova I.V.

Nowadays, feeding honeybees is not only considered a way to provide them with energy, but also as a factor that affects the normal functioning of all the bee’s body systems and the prevention of various diseases. This study investigated the quality of natural and artificial carbohydrate feed for honeybees, as well as presented data on their digestibility in the conditions of the northwestern region of the European part of Russia. A correlation was found between the digestibility of carbohydrate feeds and the weight of the rectum of worker bees at the end of the wintering period before the first flight. The methodology for conducting the research was also presented. The authors concluded on the prospects of studying the digestibility of carbohydrate feed, as well as determining the amount of honeydew and the speed of honey crystallization, as important components of the organization and planning of wintering of honeybees and improving beekeeping technology.

Pharmacy Formulas. 2022;4(4):42-47
pages 42-47 views
Taste sensations: the role of sensory analysis in controlling the quality of food products
Lopatin S.A., Sharonov A.N., Tyts V.V., Zharikov M.V.

The aim of the study was to investigate the factors that affect a person’s subjective perception of food safety. Normative legal acts and documents regulating society as a whole and food products in particular were used during the study. It was proven that preserving and enhancing the specific sensory properties of a food product by changing its chemical composition using falsification methods, cheaper and less nutritious components, is a dangerous direction in the development of food technologies and the evolution of the food system. This approach can lead to a dissonance between the perception of the product as «tasty» and its nutritional value, which determines its health-preserving effect. The objective assessment of food safety is currently ensured (or should be ensured) by instrumental methods of quality control of food products, which are used in a system that includes both internal (production) control and external (state veterinary and state sanitary and epidemiological) supervision.

Pharmacy Formulas. 2022;4(4):48-55
pages 48-55 views
pages 56-57 views
pages 58-59 views

Pharmaceutical learning activit

Modern technologies for the diagnostics and treatment of hearing diseases (Lecture for pharmacists - in the field of training 38.03.07 “Commodity science”)
Tyukavin A.I., Solomennikov A.V., Umarov S.Z.

The lecture describes the morphofunctional organization of the sound-conducting and sound-receiving structures of the auditory analyzer. The most common types of pathology that lead to impaired functions of the hearing organ are described. Causes and mechanisms of development of two main types of hearing impairment – conductive and sensorineural hearing loss are highlighted. Modern hardware complexes and operational technologies are shown, which are used for the diagnosis and treatment of conductive hearing disorders. Causes and mechanisms of sensorineural hearing loss are highlighted. Microelectronic devices (cochlear implants) and the technology of their transplantation into the affected hearing organ are described. The characteristics of hearing aids, which are most often recommended by experts to patients of various ages with hearing impairment, are given.

Pharmacy Formulas. 2022;4(4):60-72
pages 60-72 views

Actual problems: discussion tribune

Approaches to the Development of Beekeeping on Post-Agricultural Lands in the North-West Federal District of the Russian Federation
Paramonov S.G., Tomusiak M.V., Alexandrov M.A.

Approaches to sustainable development of food production and agriculture are being considered, taking into account ecological, social, and economic aspects. Special attention is paid to the development of beekeeping on post-agricultural lands in the North-West Federal District of Russia and its potential in solving the problems raised in the General Assembly of the United Nations on sustainable development and the Strategy for Improving the Quality of Food Products in the Russian Federation until 2030. Developing beekeeping is an important factor in the sustainable development of food production and agriculture, contributing to regional development and solving the problems raised in the General Assembly of the United Nations on sustainable development. In our opinion, the development of beekeeping and related industries on abandoned agricultural lands can solve many problems at the regional, national, and global levels. These problems are related to sustainable deve lopment, ensuring food security, environmental sustainability, and social issues.

Pharmacy Formulas. 2022;4(4):74-79
pages 74-79 views


To the 80th anniversary of Professor Thomas Cavalier-Smith (1942–2021)
Zmitrovich I.V., Perelygin V.V., Zharikov M.V.

The present essay is dedicated to one of the most famous evolutionary biologists of recent decades, Thomas Cavalier-Smith, one of the founders of eukaryotic megasystematics. His theoretical work was devoted to various aspects of the origin of the cell and the evolution of the genome, and the main thing was the improvement of eukaryotic megasystematics. Cavalier-Smith’s thinking style was characterized by a detailed elaboration of data from various disciplines, including cell biology, biochemistry, molecular evolution, protistology, microbiology, and paleontology. He had an encyclopedic outlook, a lively mind and was alien to dogmatism. His peculiar cognitive method was to put forward and then test extravagant evolutionary hypotheses. The theoretical heritage of Cavalier-Smith has influenced several generations of researchers and the landscape of modern theoretical biology. The life of Cavalier-Smith is a perfect example of endless dedication and a sense of professional duty.

Pharmacy Formulas. 2022;4(4):86-96
pages 86-96 views

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