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Current Issue

Vol 17, No 1 (2023)

Heat engines

Use of a high-efficiency bimetallic recuperator of micro gas turbine units with the power of under 100 kW
Chu V., Rassokhin V.A., Barskov V.V., Matveev Y.V., Laptev M.A., Basati Panah M.

BACKGROUND: Modern micro gas turbine units (MGTUs) with the power of dozen of kilowatts are single-shaft and recuperative. Being in the position where improvement of new MGTU cycles is being studied, it is necessary to choose optimal parameters of the MGTU cycle according to the scheme with regeneration when developing such simple units with the aim of ensuring small size and efficiency. Nevertheless, there are several practical restrictions for the development of recuperators, related to the issue of complicated designs together with pressure losses increase caused by regeneration degree increase and to the restriction of materials quality.

AIMS: Study of influence of a recuperator on efficiency of the MGTU, as it is essential for the development of MGTUs.

METHODS: As a part of the study, the overall assessment of the influence of recuperators on parameters of an ordinary Brayton cycle with recuperation is presented in the article. The influence of main parameters, including degree of pressure increase in a compressor, inlet gas temperature and regeneration degree, on MGTU efficiency is considered in depth in the article.

RESULTS: According to the study results, it is revealed that the use of the regeneration degree of over 0,9 with low coefficient of pressure losses in recuperators for the development of modern recuperative MGTUs leads to the unit effective efficiency not exceeding 38…40% because of certain restrictions of gas temperature at the MGTU turbine inlet caused by difficulties with cooling and ensuring small size and efficiency of the unit.

CONCLUSIONS: Use of new heatproof materials is to become an important part of improvement of MGTU in future, therefore it is necessary to study new technical solution when using prospective materials of recuperators for choosing optimal parameters of the MGTU cycle with regeneration. In addition, the option of using bimetallic recuperators is considered.

Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2023;17(1):5-16
pages 5-16 views

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Investigation of cavitation properties of a mobile pumping unit
Konshin D.S., Konkeyev E.M., Protopopov A.A., Petrov A.I.

BACKGROUND: In the introduction to the article, a review of publications on cavitation, vibration and noise in centrifugal pumps, including the issues of cavitation erosion of impellers, is carried out.

AIMS: Comparison of cavitation properties of a centrifugal pump of a mobile pumping unit with and without a pre-engineered screw by computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling.

METHODS: The calculation of the flow part of a pre-injected impeller stage is described and the CFD model of its hydrodynamic simulation is described. In the CFD model, Navier-Stokes equations averaged over the Reynolds number and the working fluid continuity equation were used. A two-phase fluid model was used to simulate cavitation.

RESULTS: The final results of the calculations carried out in the above models are presented. Calculations were obtained for a pump with impeller with and without an upstream stage (screw). For the impeller without a screw, the cavitation margin of 4.7 m was obtained, which is critical for such a pump. For a pump with an impeller with an upstream auger the cavitation margin is 1,7 m, that is much better and allows to show efficiency of such solution.

CONCLUSIONS: The requirement of hydrodynamic modeling for selection of optimal flow part of centrifugal pump to improve its cavitation characteristics is formulated.

Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2023;17(1):17-24
pages 17-24 views

Transport and transport-technological complexes

Selection of the analytical dependency for assessment of slipping of the Kirovets K-7 wheeled agricultural tractor
Anisimov N.L., Efimov E.I., Dobretsov R.Y., Dmitriev M.I.

BACKGROUND: The accuracy of prediction of towing properties is related to selection of the analytical dependency for assessment of slipping in the process of development or modernization of agricultural tractor in order to define the correct configuration of a machine-tractor unit. The relevance of the study lies in justification of the dependency describing slipping of wheels of modern high-powered 4K4b tractors and needed for study of tractors’ towing properties.

AIMS: Justification of the analytical formula of slipping for better accuracy of towing properties prediction at development stages and modernization of 4K4b tractors and units conjugated to them.

METHODS: Known analytical dependencies of slipping were analyzed in the study in order to compare the theoretical assessment results with the results of field-testing at harvest field carried out at machine testing stations according to common method. The theoretical and experimental results were obtained for the Kirovets K-7 series agricultural wheeled tractors. The experimental data of the Kirovets K-7 series tractors was approximated in order to find new dependencies for analytical determination of slipping at harvest field. The approximation coefficient was taken as the criterion for assessment of accuracy of experimental data description by the dependencies.

RESULTS: Among the considered analytical dependencies for prediction of slipping coefficient value, the equations which describe the experimental data of towing testing of the Kirovets K-7 series tractors the most satisfactorily were outlined. Based on approximated experimental data, the equations of slipping depending on specific towing force were obtained. There is the equation common for all tested tractors and there are separate equations for tractors with 32-inch and 38-inch tires. These equations provide with the best approximation of description of tractors. Values of specific towing force correlating to maximal towing efficiency and acceptable slipping coefficient of 16% for the Kirovets K-7 series tractors were obtained.

CONCLUSIONS: Some existing and new proposed in the article equations can be used for prediction of values of slipping coefficient at creating of potential towing characteristic for high-powered 4K4b tractors.

Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2023;17(1):25-33
pages 25-33 views
Towing couplers of a multi-sectional vehicle
Popov I.P.

BACKGROUND: The most difficult stage in the operation of a tractor with heavy towed objects is the starting mode. This is due to the need to overcome the static friction force, which significantly exceeds the motion friction force. As a solution to this problem, the use of the initial kinetic energy of the tractor, which can develop when using limited elastically deformable towing couplers, can be considered.

AIMS: Analysis of efficiency of using elastically deformable towing couplers for a road train with heavy towed objects at the starting mode.

METHODS: The analytical research of the developed mathematical model of the initial stage of starting of a road train with elastic couplings was carried out for optimization of properties of these devices with regard to the process efficiency improvement. In order to assess the effectiveness of using elastically deformable towing couplers, the results obtained should be compared with similar results corresponding to absolutely rigid towing couplers.

RESULTS: Comparison of displacements, velocities and energies testifies to the high efficiency of the elastically deformable towing coupler. The use of elastically deformable towing couplers gives the ability to accumulate the initial kinetic energy of an airfield tractor, which makes it possible to overcome the static friction force and ensure the starting of heavy towed objects.

CONCLUSIONS: Comparison of the kinematic and dynamic parameters of the tractor with towed objects for options with completely rigid and elastically deformable towing couplers shows that the efficiency of using the latter increases with an increase in the number of towed objects. Elastically deformable towing couplers can cause oscillations of the tractor-towed objects system. In order to prevent them, the towing couplers must be locked at the time of their greatest deformation.

Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2023;17(1):35-42
pages 35-42 views
Modern structural and operating materials in development of road-building machines
Degtyareva K.A.

BACKGROUND: The analysis of modern state of using structural and operating materials in development of road building machines is given in the article.

AIMS: To highlight the most important tendencies in obtaining modern structural and operating materials in development of road building machines.

METHODS: The study subject is modern structural and operating materials in development of road building machines. The novelty of the study lies in highlighting main modern tendencies of modification and technological features of modern structural and operating materials for road building machines with enhanced mechanical strength characteristics. The materials of the study include main scientific and practical information on ways of using structural and operating materials in development of road building machines. The study methods include classification and integration of the information on the topic of modern structural and operating materials in development of road building machines.

RESULTS: It is found that the key difference between steel types for structural and operating materials as a part of development of units, mechanisms and parts of road building machines is parameters of corrosion resistance, which is defined by qualitative and quantitative chemical composition directly. Among the main issues of modern industry development, improvement of cost-performance ratio of road building machines, their mechanisms and engineering parts by means of reducing specific metal content and increasing operational reliability and durability is outlined.

CONCLUSIONS: It is shown that, opposed to majority of low-alloyed structural steel types, change of austenite in steel types, micro-alloyed with vanadium and niobium and with strength class in the range from S350 to S490, with constant cooing according to the thermal cycle of welding performs mainly in bainitic range. As a result of structural changes, taking place in steel and influenced by thermal cycles of welding, the static strength indicators of the metal in zones of thermal impact of welding joints increase, whereas the indicators of plastic properties reduce. Sufficient reduce of impact viscosity of the metal in zones of thermal impact of welding joints of micro-alloyed structural steel types is observed at w6/5 5°C/s. With increasing of cooling speed, the impact viscosity of the metal in zones of thermal impact rapidly increases and it may achieve the level of the main metal in some steel types.

Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2023;17(1):43-50
pages 43-50 views
Calculation method for determining the heat loss of the air environment when opening the passenger vehicle cabin doors
Gevorkyan A.V., Prokhorov I.V., Butarovich D.O.

BACKGROUND: The microclimate in the bus cabin is of great importance in terms of both safety and comfort. The main parameters of the microclimate are temperature, humidity, dustiness and gassiness of the air, air exchange, the temperature of the elements of the interior surfaces and thermal radiation.

AIMS: The article presents the results of calculating the heat loss in the air environment of the bus cabin using a mathematical model and experimental method.

METHODS: The influence of different features of vehicle interior and exterior topology on the heat losses through the doors was estimated. The estimation of heat losses was performed using the ANSYS Fluent software package. The final result is to obtain the heat loss characteristics as a time-domain function. A field experiment was carried out to verify the obtained results.

RESULTS: A set of numerical values and graphic characteristics giving an idea of the heat losses through the open doors of the bus cabin are presented.

CONCLUSIONS: Due to the developed calculation method of determining the heat losses of the air environment, numerical values and graphical characteristics of the amount and intensity of time-dependent heat losses were obtained. The obtained results were verified experimentally. The study showed that the simulation in ANSYS Fluent and the field experiment have a discrepancy due to high values of the time constant of temperature sensors. In order to obtain the most accurate results, it is necessary to carry out the experiment with a time interval greater than the time constant.

Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2023;17(1):51-61
pages 51-61 views

Electrotechnical complexes and systems

Increasing efficiency and safety of operation of underground tunnel escalators. The software architecture
Popov V.A., Elantsev V.V.

BACKGROUND: An essential condition of existence for enterprises of all forms in the face of rapid external and internal transformations is digital reformation of their business processes. The Saint Petersburg subway is no exception, which has an aging fleet of escalators, for which the introduction of digital technologies, accompanied by the optimization of the control system for the main technological processes, can provide a balance between ever-increasing costs and limited, not always rhythmically flowing supplies.

AIMS: To establish one of the possible options for the software architecture for planning and monitoring maintenance and repair of the subway escalator fleet. At the same time, the object of research in the study is the subway escalator fleet, and the subject is automation of the maintenance and repair system.

METHODS: Analysis of modern architectural solutions used in the design of software (materials), and the synthesis on their basis of a microservice architecture implemented by tools taken from the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence are the methods used in this study.

RESULTS: A significant result of the work for practical application is the proposed scheme of the two-circuit IT landscape of the information system and the block diagram of the software implementing the internal processing circuit. The proposed version of the software is intended for regular use as a tool for monitoring and controlling the register of management objects (works) that create and do not create value for the company (providing/not providing transportation of passenger traffic). At the same time, the implementation of the proposed circuit design solution can be carried out using ready-to-use and free software components, significantly reducing the design time and the cost of its creation and operation.

CONCLUSIONS: The results obtained may be one of the options for implementing the concept of digital transformation of the maintenance and repair system of the subway escalator fleet.

Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2023;17(1):63-76
pages 63-76 views
The method of efficient individual control of electric traction motors of an electric portal axle during cornering
Antonyan A.V.

BACKGROUND: In recent years, the global automotive industry has shown increased interest in electric traction drive for road vehicles, including electric cars, electric buses and electric trucks, where various drive layouts are used. One of the most widespread drive layouts is an individual electric traction drive, which is often used in modern electric buses. The individual electric traction drive has such advantages as reliability in sustaining traction or braking forces in case of failure of one of the engines, compact placement of engines, low floor level along the entire length of the cabin and adaptation of the electric traction drive to road conditions. The last point of the mentioned advantages requires the development of an advanced control system.

AIMS: Development of the yaw recognition algorithm and formation of the algorithm for designing a torque redistribution regulator.

METHODS: Modeling of the operation of the yaw recognition algorithm is carried out during simulation tests in the MATLAB/Simulink software package. The main dependencies are derived, followed by obtaining a phase variable, for the correct operation of the optimal controller.

RESULTS: The yaw recognition algorithm, which forms the torque redistribution between the driving wheels, is developed, an algorithm for designing an optimal regulator was developed, such concepts as theoretical and actual motion parameters are introduced. Simulation modeling of the spatial movement of an electric bus is carried out in the MATLAB/Simulink software package, showing the operability and efficiency of the developed system. The scientific novelty is the formation of the optimal regulator, making torque redistribution possible.

CONCLUSIONS: The practical value of the development and research lies in the possibility of applying the algorithm and the control law for vehicles equipped with the individual electric traction drive.

Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2023;17(1):77-85
pages 77-85 views
Research of features of oscillating process’ behavior in the nonlinear system of individual traction drive of an electrobus
Klimov A.V., Antonyan A.V.

BACKGROUND: When a vehicle is in motion, self-oscillations which properties are dependent on slip rate in a contact patch may occur in the area of tire interaction with ground surface. Oscillations frequency will vary in dependence with value of wheel slip relative to ground surface. Soft self-oscillations are excited by variable set of initial conditions at full slip in traction and driven wheel rolling modes as well as in mixed braking mode with partial slip. Hard mode of self-oscillations occurs at full wheel slip in braking mode. These processes have a negative impact on the processes in electric drive and mechanical drivetrain reducing their efficiency and may cause damage of components. Oscillations in the system are excited by interaction forces of an elastic tire with ground surface featuring vertical oscillations due to elastic behavior of its interaction with road unevenness.

AIMS: Research of features of oscillating process’ behavior in the nonlinear system of individual traction drive of an electrobus.

METHODS: Simulation of self-oscillation excitation processes in the area of contact interaction of a wheel and road was carried out in the MATLAB/Simulink software package.

RESULTS: The article features the results of simulation and experimental studies of self-oscillation excitation processes of the KAMAZ 6282 electrobus moving on asphalt-concrete surface. It was found that vertical wheel displacement when moving through unevenness lead to oscillating behavior of vertical reaction forces in contact patches and, as a consequence, to oscillating behavior of longitudinal reaction forces, torque and rotation velocity of the shaft of the traction electric motor of the individual drive. It was defined that tire oscillation frequency is 6–7 Hz that coincides with electric motor shaft rotation oscillation frequency and this value is the same for both experiment and simulation.

CONCLUSIONS: Practical value of the study lies in ability of using the study results at development of self-oscillation processes exclusion algorithms as a part of vehicle control system.

Izvestiya MGTU MAMI. 2023;17(1):87-96
pages 87-96 views

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