Izvestiâ Russkogo geografičeskogo obŝestva

«Proceedings of the Russian Geographical Society»  is the oldest Russian geographical journal  in Russia and one of the most authoritative scientific geographical journals in the world. It has been published since 1865.

The structure of the journal includes: original articles reflecting the results of the latest geographical research; discussions; reviews; chronicle.

«Proceedings of the Russian Geographical Society» provides a platform for discussing topical problems and controversial issues of geographical science. Preference is given to articles and reports, the content of which may be of interest to a wide range of geographers and representatives of related disciplines. The editorial board supports promising areas in geography, especially work on problems of human interaction with the natural environment, spatial aspects of regional development, the results of field research in various regions of the world, as well as interdisciplinary research at the intersection of geography and other natural and humanitarian sciences.

The system of scientific review and editing adopted by the editorial board of the journal ensures a high level of published materials and their compliance with professional criteria.

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