Membrany i membrannye tehnologii

The Russian Journal "Membrany I Membrannye Tekhnologii” (English version “Membranes and Membrane Technologies” is distributed by Springer) was established in 2010 by International Academic Publishing Company Nauka/Interperiodica and A.V.Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis RAS.

The scope of the Journal is highlighting of recent progress and developments in the field of Membranes and Membrane Technologies in Russian Federation and CIS countries. The prime focus of is:

  • new membrane materials, highly efficient polymeric and inorganic membranes;
  • hybrid membranes, nanocomposites and nanostructured membranes;
  • aqueous and non-aqueous filtration processes (micro-, ultra-, and nanofiltration; reverse osmosis);
  • gas separation;
  • electromembrane processes, fuel cells;
  • membrane pervaporation and membrane distillation;
  • membrane catalysis and membrane reactors;
  • water desalination and waste water treatment;
  • hybrid membrane processes;
  • membrane-based sensors;
  • membrane extraction and membrane emulsification;
  • mathema.tical modeling of porous structures and membrane separation processes;
  • membrane characterization;
  • membrane technologies in industry (energy, mining, pharmaceuticals and medicine, chemistry and petroleum chemistry, food industry, etc.);
  • membranes for environmental protection (“green chemistry”).

“Membranes and Membrane Technologies” is peer-reviewed journal and published six times a year.

In 2011-2018, the English translation of original articles and reviews were distributed as separate volumes of Journal of "Petroleum Chemistry".

Due to the successful development of the journal since 2019, Pleiades Publishing and Springer have decided to release an English version of the journal called “Membranes and Membrane Technologies”. Since 2020, the journal Membranes and Membrane Technologies has been indexed by the Web of Science.

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Vol 13, No 3 (2023)

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Influence of Heterogeneous Ion-Exchange Membranes Composition on Their Structure and Transport Properties
Vasilieva V.I., Meshcheryakova E.E., Falina I.V., Kononenko N.A., Brovkina M.A., Akberova E.M.

The physicochemical properties of experimental heterogeneous MK-40 and MA-41 membranes with different ratios of ion-exchange resin and polyethylene binder in their composition are studied. It is shown that the specific electrical conductivity in 0.01–1 M NaCl solution decreases by more than 3 times for cation-exchange membranes and by 2 times for anion-exchange ones with a decrease in the content of ion-exchange resin in the membranes from 69 to 55%. It has been established that the diffusion permeability of anion-exchange membranes is more sensitive to their composition and naturally increases with an increase in the ion-exchange resin proportion in the composition. Information on the influence of the heterogeneous membrane composition on its structure, obtained by method of standard contact porosimetry, is supplemented by the calculation of transport-structural parameters of the microheterogeneous and extended three-wire models of the ion-exchange membrane.

Membrany i membrannye tehnologii. 2023;13(3):163-171
pages 163-171 views
The Effect of Introduction of Phenolic Antioxidants on the Thermal-Oxidative Stability and Gas Permeability of Poly(4-methyl-2-pentyne)
Makrushin V.P., Chernikov V.K., Levin I.S., Kossov A.A., Matson S.M.

Abstract: In this work, we studied the thermal-oxidative stability and gas transport properties of poly(4-methyl-2-pentyne) (PMP) film samples with mixed configurational composition (50% cis-units) in the presence of phenolic antioxidants Irganox 1076, Irganox 1010, Vulkanox BHT and Rianox 1520, which differ in the nature and structure of the substituents on the benzene ring. Annealing of PMP films at 140°C showed that films with the addition of Irganox 1076 and Irganox 1010 retain their strength and stability of gas transport properties for at least 150 h of total heating after a moderate decrease in permeability (∼30%) in the first 48 h of heating. PMP films with Vulkanox BHT and Rianox 1520 after 48 h of heating at 140°C demonstrate an increase in gas permeability coefficients, indicating the onset of polymer degradation, and after 100 h of heating they are destroyed. The wide-angle X-ray diffraction of films with the most effective stabilizers Irganox 1076 and Irganox 1010 revealed a decrease in interchain distances after annealing, which indicates an increase in the packing density of macromolecules as a result of thermally activated relaxation.

Membrany i membrannye tehnologii. 2023;13(3):172-180
pages 172-180 views
Study of the Specific Adsorption of Calcium Ions on the Surface of Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Cation-Exchange Membranes to Increase Their Selectivity towards Singly Charged Ions
Gil V.V., Ruleva V.D., Porozhnyy M.V., Sharafan M.V.

Ion-exchange membranes with high specific selectivity towards singly charged ions are in demand in various industries. One of the ways to increase the specific selectivity can be formation of a thin layer on the membrane surface with a charge opposite to the charge of its fixed groups. The possibility of forming such a layer due to the specific interaction of calcium ions with the sulfonate groups of the membrane during treatment with a high-intensity electric current in a CaCl2 solution is studied. The ability of heterogeneous (MK-40, Ralex CMH) and homogeneous (CMX, CJMC-5) sulfocationite membranes for specific adsorption of calcium ions on their surface is investigated. It is shown that the CMX membrane exhibits this ability to the greatest extent, which is due to the higher density of groups on its surface compared to other studied membranes. It is found that the formation of a thin positively charged layer on the surface of the CMX membrane increases the permselectivity coefficient of the membrane, by 69%. At the same time, the presence of such a layer does not lead to an increase in undesirable water splitting, which occurs when applying widely used as modifiers polyelectrolytes with amino groups.

Membrany i membrannye tehnologii. 2023;13(3):181-193
pages 181-193 views
Modification of Nafion Membrane by Polycation in the Presemce of Lower Alyphatic Alcohols and Salt
Zakharova J.A., Sergeyev V.G.

Significant increase of ion selectivity was observed for Nafion membranes modified by poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride), PDADMAC, in the presence of lower aliphatic alcohols and NaCl. It was found that addition of the salt into the alcohol-containing modification solutions resulted not only in decrease of diffusional permeability towards vanadyl ions, P, but also in simultaneous two- to threefold growth of proton conductivity, σ, in comparison with the membranes modified in the alcohol-water solutions in the absence of a salt. As a result, ion selectivity of the membranes calculated as σ/P ratio was increased in ∼4 orders of magnitude as compared with pristine Nafion 112 membrane. Conceivable mechanism of the ion selectivity increasing is proposed for the membranes modified by PDADMAC in the presence of lower aliphatic alcohols and NaCl.

Membrany i membrannye tehnologii. 2023;13(3):194-204
pages 194-204 views
Elecrtochemical Investigation of Heterogeneous Cation-Exchange Membranes Modified by Polyanilin in Solutions of Monovalent and Divalent Cations
Brovkina M.A., Kutenko N.A., Loza N.V.

A series of composite ion-exchange membranes based on a heterogeneous cation-exchange MK-40 membrane and polyaniline was obtained under the conditions of electrodiffusion of a monomer and an oxidizing agent. The process of polyaniline synthesis on the membrane surface was accompanied by the registration of chronopotentiograms and the pH of the solution leaving the desalination compartment. The initial MK-40 cation-exchange membrane and the composites based on it were studied by voltammetry and chronopotentiometry in NaCl, CaCl2, and MgCl2 solutions in the same electrodialysis flow cell in which the composites were obtained. To calculate the transport numbers of counterions in membranes in CaCl2 and MgCl2 solutions by the chronopotentiometric method, the apparent fraction of the conducting membrane surface in the NaCl solution was calculated based on experimental data on the potentiometric transport numbers of counterions in the membrane. The conditions for the synthesis of polyaniline on the surface of a heterogeneous MK-40 membrane, leading to the preparation of samples with selectivity to singly charged ions, are revealed.

Membrany i membrannye tehnologii. 2023;13(3):205-220
pages 205-220 views
Transport Properties and Structure of Anisotropic Composites Based on Cation Exchange Membranes and Polyaniline
Loza N.V., Kutenko N.A., Kononenko N.A., Volfkovich Y.M., Sosenkin V.E.

A comprehensive characterization of basic heterogeneous cation-exchange MK-40 and Ralex CMH membranes and composite membranes with polyaniline based on them was performed, including the determination of conductivity and diffusion permeability, measurement of current–voltage curves in solutions of sodium, calcium, magnesium chlorides and hydrochloric acid, distribution curves of water binding energy and effective pore radii, as well as an assessment of the transport-structural parameters of microheterogeneous model. The time of polyaniline synthesis on the surface of cation-exchange membranes by successive diffusion of an oxidizing agent and monomer solution through the membrane into water was determined. Samples with an anisotropic structure and asymmetric electrotransport properties were obtained. Based on the analysis of the electrotransport properties, structure characteristics and model transport-structural parameters of membranes in solutions of singly and doubly charged ions, the obtained materials were defined as promising for use in the processes of electrodialysis desalination of multicomponent solutions.

Membrany i membrannye tehnologii. 2023;13(3):221-237
pages 221-237 views
Poly(1-trimethylsilyl-1-propyne) of a -Rich Configuration — a Membrane Material for the Separation of Butane/Methane Mixtures as Natural Gas Components
Makrushin V.P., Kossov A.A., Levin I.S., Bezgin D.A., Syrtsova D.A., Matson S.M.

In this work, for the first time, we studied the permeability of individual lower hydrocarbons and in a C1/C4 mixture for films based on PTMSP of a new cis-enriched configurational composition (the content of cis-units in the samples was 80 and 90%). The methane permeability of freshly prepared cis-regular PTMSP films (90% of cis-units) exposed to air for a month is higher than the corresponding values of PTMSP films with 80% cis-units. The X-ray diffraction data indicate a looser packing of the cis-regular PTMSP. The introduction of the antioxidant Irganox 1076 into PTMSP films leads to a decrease in the initial level of the methane flux. At the same time, the permeability of films with the addition of Irganox 1076 over time (within 1 month) decreases much more slowly compared to films without the addition of an antioxidant. The permeability of individual lower hydrocarbons through PTMSP films without and with the addition of Irganox 1076 increases in the order С1 < C2 < C3 < C4. The value of the separation factor in the n-butane/methane mixture reaches 33, which is almost 7 times higher than the selectivity for individual components. The high level of n‑butane permeability of cis-enriched PTMSP is maintained for at least a month of films storage in air.

Membrany i membrannye tehnologii. 2023;13(3):238-247
pages 238-247 views
Properties of Polysulphones Synthetized for Forming of Porous Hollow-Fiber Membranes
Borisov I.L., Matveev D.N., Anokhina T.S., Shakhmurzova K.T., Zhansitov A.A., Slonov A.L., Kurdanova Z.I., Khashirova S.Y., Volkov V.V.

For the first time, for the problem of hollow fiber membranes spinning, polysulfones in a wide range of molecular weights (42 000–184 000 g/mol) were synthesized in such aprotic dipolar solvents as dimethylacetamide, N-methyl-2-pyrollidone, and dimethyl sulfoxide. The dependence of the thermal and mechanical properties of polysulfones on molecular weight characteristics has been studied. A comparison of the mechanical properties of the synthesized PSF, commercial PSF Ultrason S 6010 (BASF, Germany) and PSF-150 (JSC Institute of Plastics, Russia) showed that the synthesized polymers are not inferior to commercial analogues. Some synthesized polymers surpass commercial PSF in terms of elasticity and strength modulus. Based on the study of the spinning solutions dynamic viscosity, promising PSF samples were selected for the formation of porous hollow fiber supports. It was found that hollow-fiber porous support from a PSF sample with a molecular weight of 110 000 g/mol have a high nitrogen permeability of 47.5 m3/m2 · h · bar. Such supports are promising for casting highly permeable composite membranes with a thin selective layer.

Membrany i membrannye tehnologii. 2023;13(3):248-256
pages 248-256 views

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