The journal "Parazitologiya" was founded in 1967.

"Parazitologiya" is the first and leading peer-reviewed scientific journal on parasitology published in Russia.

The aim of the journal is to facilitate parasitology research in Russia and worldwide by providing an efficient, high-quality and modern platform for scientific communication.

The scope of the journal embraces a wide range of parasitological topics, except for highly specialized aspects of medicine and veterinary science.

  • Biodiversity, distribution and systematics. Descriptions of new species are welcome if they also contribute to some general conclusions.
  • Wide range of research objects: any parasitic metazoans, fungi and protists, as well as bacteria and viruses — if the study has general parasitological relevance.
  • Studies on morphology that broaden understanding of form and function in parasitic organisms.
  • Ecological parasitology, life cycles and transmission pathways of parasites; phylogeography.
  • Host-parasite interactions at different levels.
  • Evolution, co-evolution and phylogeny.
  • General and fundamental questions of parasitology.
  • Vector-borne diseases with natural reservoirs (if the accent is on parasitology rather than medicine or veterinary science).

The journal is published 6 times a year in Russian and English languages. The name of the English version is Entomological Review.

The journal is presented in many databases, including the Web of Science and RSCI.

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