Rossijskaâ arheologiâ

The journal has already existed for more than 50 years. It was founded in 1957 as a quarterly journal on the initiative of the head of the Moscow Archaeological School A. V. Artsikhovsky and other outstanding scholars. Before that in 1936-1959 the edition existed as a non-periodical anthology with the same title (30 volumes were issued).

The journal is aimed at professional scientists – archaeologists, historians, studying material culture, art and architecture. The journal’s chronological range is from the beginning of a human evolution to the beginning of the Modern Age, in other words to Peter the Great’s epoch (the traditional landmark in Russian archaeology).

As a fundamental scientific edition, the journal accepts only original works for publishing (such as articles, small items, books reviews, current scientific events) and also personalia (articles on the anniversaries of the famous scientists and necrologies).

Apart from the strictly scientific debates, the “Russian Archaeology” participates in the scientists’ discussion of the organization of the archaeological works, making the law on the protection of the archaeological heritage in Russia and taking part in other events on the protection of the archaeological heritage.

The journal considers unauthorized antiquities collecting as an activity that contravenes the European Charter for the Protection and Management of the Archaeological Heritage, Russian legislation and general academic views on professional ethics. Regarding the above, since 2013 only those materials are considered to be publicized which are based on the analysis of the items and contexts, received particularly as a result of legal archaeological works (on the basis of an Archaeological Excavation Permit as a special document of the government agency) or being reposed in the State Museum Fund.

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